Listen to Samus from Decrepit Birth perform in the style of 14 drummers

Posted by on January 26, 2016


Everyone’s seen the 10 Second Song videos where a guy covers a song in the style of a bunch of different vocalists. There have been guitar versions of that as well. As far as we know, it hasn’t been done with drums – until now. Decrepit Birth’s Samus Paulicelli, who we’ve written about for his ass, decided to imitate 14 metal drummers in the space of three minutes. He covers all the basics, like Danny Carey (Tool), Dave Lombardo, and Meshuggah’s Thomas Haake. There’s also imitations of Phil Rudd and most humorously, Mike Portnoy, which is all drum fills. Most of the music approximates those bands, and pretty well, too. If you haven’t been following him on his YouTube page, then you should probably do that now.

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