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Listen to System of a Down covered in the style of Ghost

Posted by on March 6, 2017

Ten Second Song’s Anthony Vincent has proven himself to a be versatile arranger and singer. In fact, we just featured him doing System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” in 20 different styles. The Ghost one must have struck a nerve, as he said over 4,000 people asked him to do the whole song in that style. […]

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Ten Second Songs returns with “Chop Suey,” in styles of Bee Gees, Ghost and more

Posted by on February 22, 2017

David Vincent, better known by his moniker Ten Second Songs, has a hell of a lot of fun making songs in different styles. What does he do with a song that’s as stylistically odd as System of A Down’s “Chop Suey?” Makes is his own, or more effectively, 20 different other artists’. There’s rave (Tiesto), […]

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Ten Second Songs makes Bieber bearable

Posted by on February 19, 2016

Pretty much any time Anthony Vincent of 10 Second Songs has covered something, we’ve written about it. He’s covered Adele, Taylor Swift (twice!) and Linkin Park in 20 (mainly metal) styles. Not only is it insanely entertaining, but it’s a showcase of Vincent’s incredible talent. Maybe he should consider auditioning for the Stone Temple Pilots. […]

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Hear Adele’s “Hello” covered in styles of Deftones, Alice In Chains, Dimmu Borgir

Posted by on November 24, 2015

[youtube]https://youtu.be/ZgMAAzzQz7s[/youtube] Face it, Adele isn’t going anywhere. The singer’s album, 25, was released this past Friday, and in three days already became the best-selling album of 2015. It’s set to have the biggest sales debut (about 2.9 million) ever in one week since SoundScan started in 1990. You’ve probably already heard “Hello,” whether you want to or […]

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Taylor Swift gets Disturbed

Posted by on September 10, 2015

[youtube]https://youtu.be/AxBTwMYkCBI[/youtube] The Ten Second Songs dude (Anthony Vincent) is at it again, and while already covered Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” in twenty different styles, he must have really had fun with the Disturbed version, because he’s done a full version of it. It’s got to be a lot of fun making the different versions, and […]

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Taylor Swift gets the Ten Second Song treatment with Disturbed, Sabbath, more

Posted by on July 7, 2015

[youtube]https://youtu.be/ivSbERS_wOI[/youtube] Taylor Swift, T-Swizzle, whatever you call her, she’s pretty much running the music industry right now. She bought Apple to its knees, had the best-selling album of last year despite the fact that it came out at the end of October, and is a lock to have the #1 album of this year as […]

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Latest love song-themed “20 Different Styles” video includes Metallica, Pantera, Type O Negative

Posted by on February 10, 2015

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNIRMZSOewY[/youtube] Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs is back with another one of his “20 Different Styles” videos. Last time we heard from him, he took on Linkin Park’s “In The End.” It’s pretty obvious that he’s a metalhead; unsurprisingly, he even fronts his own band. The success that his talent, innovation, and humor have brought […]

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Here’s what “Thriller” sounds like in 20 different styles

Posted by on October 28, 2014

[youtube]http://youtu.be/WwNsRs5dKyA[/youtube] Didn’t have enough of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” from the The Walking Dead/”Thriller” mashup we posted yesterday? Maybe you’d like to hear it in a few different styles? Maybe like 20 different styles? Ten Second Songs’ Anthony Vincent, who we’ve covered before, has returned to cover the song in 20 different vocal styles, including Marilyn Manson, […]

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Here’s Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’ performed in 20 different styles

Posted by on September 3, 2014

[youtube]http://youtu.be/urzWY6sqVGw[/youtube] Anthony Vincent, otherwise known as the voice of Ten Second Songs, made a viral splash a few months ago when he covered Katy Perry’s ubiquitous “Dark Horse” in the style of 20 different artists. He’s back again, this time with an actual semi-heavy song, Linkin Park’s “In the End.” It’s fun to hear the […]

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