Listen to early “Enter Sandman” demo James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich recorded in 1990

Posted by on June 24, 2021


Lars Ulrich has been drumming for Metallica since 1981 when he and guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield formed the band in Los Angeles, California. This year the band will pay tribute to their biggest selling album to date, 1991’s Metallica, affectionately known as the Black Album. The first track on the album and perhaps their biggest song ever is “Enter Sandman.” As part of the celebration, Metallica has released a demo version of the iconic track. 

Recorded in the drummer’s home studio on July 12, 1990, this track features Ulrich on drums and Hetfield on the guitar. While there are no vocals on the demo, the song seems to be very nearly done by this time. The riff was written by Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett and delivered to Ulrich via cassette tape. The video version can be seen below and will be included on the Riffs & Demos CD on the reissued Metallica album coming on September 10. Read more about this massive Metallica release here!




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