Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe shares mini-doc on his effort to restore Ecuador’s Rainforest

Posted by on July 26, 2022

Photo: Travis Shinn


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe is ready to show the world the work he has been up to with the money he’s earned on Cameo. 

On Monday, Blythe posted a short documentary to his Instagram about his effort to restore a piece of the Ecuador rainforest. Rewilding tells of his chance meeting with an Ecuadorian surfer named Carlos concerned with the deforestation happening in his country. In March 2020, Blythe and Carlos purchased a large grazed-over plot of land near Carlos’ family’s farm and proceeded to bring back indigenous plant life to the area. The documentary shares the progress made over the last two years.

Said Blythe in the documentary:

“Many of us are tired of watching the wild spaces of our planet disappear, and some of us are done with waiting for someone else to do something else about it. We are not running out of time, we are out of time. We must preserve what is left of the natural world.”

The documentary ends by thanking those who purchased a Cameo from him for being a part of the process. 

“I made this short film as a thank you to all the folks who have paid me to sing them goofy happy birthday songs, wish their spouse happy anniversary, & sometimes viciously roast their friends,” wrote Blythe in the Instagram post. “If you have a bought a @cameo from me, this is what I have spent your money on- if you get one in the future, this is what your money will go towards. Thanks for the support.” 

The video can be found on Instagram here. Those who would like a video from Blythe and help the cause can find him on Cameo at @drandallblythe.


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