Kvelertak live life on the road in cinematic “Bronsegud” video

Posted by on March 16, 2017

Kvelertak’s music is like injecting a syringe of pure adrenaline into your cerebral cortex. Life on the road isn’t always that extreme, however. The video for Kvelertak’s “Bronsegud” does a great job of showing the two sides of being a touring band. Starkly show in black and white, half of the clip is a mostly silent montage of the band doing press, getting ready for a show, sleeping and getting pumped for that one hour a day when they’re able to let loose. If you just want to hear “Bronsegud,” an excellent song from last year’s Nattesferd, you’re probably going to be a bit disappointed, as the song’s broken up by some of the everyday drudgery of being in a touring band. However, the live footage is electric, and even the boring stuff is artfully shot. Stian Andersen and Erik Treimann, who also directed 2013’s “Kvelertak” video, filmed the video.

This comes as the band have been announced as support for Metallica’s European WordWired tour, starting on September 4th and through May 2018. Good gig for them, and too bad they’re not along for the ride in the states. 



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