Korn, Corey Taylor get animated in “A Different World” video

Posted by on October 5, 2016



With Korn recruiting Corey Taylor for a track on their upcoming The Serenity of Suffering, there was a lot of curiosity about “A Different World.” The track landed last week, and while it’s a satisfying track from the new album, Taylor’s performance on the track is a little understated. Regardless, the band have created an unsettling stop motion animation video for the song. If you’re a fan of Tool’s videos, you’ll like this one too. For some reason, the band chose to debut the video on IMDB, which makes sense if you’re a fan of best boy grips. The band also state their favorite horror movies on the site, which might be where that kind of makes sense. At any rate, The Serenity of Suffering will be released on October 21st on Roadrunner. It can be preordered here.

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