It’s ‘Wonderful’ to be Steel Panther

Posted by on January 21, 2014

With their third album, All You Can Eat, coming out on April Fool’s day, the band have unveiled their second video from the album on Vevo. Unlike the apocalyptic mansion free-for-all of  “Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World,” the mid-tempo “The Burden of Being Wonderful” is more about the life of a regular middle-aged guy, played by comedian Matt Braunger. And while we see him struggle into a pair of leopard skin spandex and hop in his ’80s Mustang, when he looks in the mirror, he just sees the awesomeness of his favorite band, Steel Panther. According to band fan site Fanthers, for the band’s last LA show of the year, on October 28th, the band played the song at the House of Blues four times during the filming of the video, with Braunger making an appearance onstage.


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