Photo: Nathan Katsiaficas

We’ve big fans of Intervals here. The brainchild of Aaron Marshall, instrumental the majority of the time, just wrapped up a tour with Animals as Leaders and Plini (photos here). His complex shredding is catchy, anthemic and heavy at the same time, not an easy trick to pull off. The video for “Libra,” the closing track on their 2015 album, The Shape of Colour, was filmed over the course of the band’s 2016 tours, which is only fitting given that Plini has a guest solo on the track. Here’s what Marshall says about the clip, which debuted today on Guitar World:

It was an absolute pleasure to share the stage with Animals As Leaders and Plini all across Europe and North America last year. Randy Edwards, my good friend and videographer, did such a wonderful job at capturing the vibe and energy of the shows. It also was very refreshing and inspiring for Plini and me to be able to play each other’s music together every night. This video is the visual culmination of our year together, and I’m excited for everyone to see it!