Internet dog celebrity helps VH1 celebrate National Metal Day

Posted by on November 11, 2014


Today is a very important holiday. Yes, of course it’s Veterans Day, and we’ve got mad respect for those that served and are serving. However, it’s also National Metal Day, a day to represent metal, as noted by VH1 Classic. While we’re of the opinion that every day is National Metal Day, VH1 Classic deems 11/11 a holiday, no doubt due to Spinal Tap and Nigel Tufnel’s amp.

At any rate, they’ve recruited Instagram dog celebrity Marnie the Dog to celebrate the day. The Shih Tzu stars in a not particularly metal song created by Les Savy Fav front man Tim Harrington, who is also a writer and co-creator of VH1 Classic’s Metal Headzzz. We had no idea who Marnie was, but here’s some info about her and some of the places she’s been. And here are the lyrics to her song:

Sniff cerebrus’ butt then mount that hound
Take a bone and stick it in the ground
We’re dogs of war you hear our growling sound
We’re ruff, ruff, ruff
we’re ruff and tumble puppies

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