In Flames debut video for ‘Rusted Nail’

Posted by on July 7, 2014

After it leaked online, In Flames released the song “Rusted Nail” via Spotify. And with their new album, Siren Charms, coming out in September, today the  band have released a video for the song. You’ve likely already heard the song before, but now you can see it. If you like what you’ve heard, you can also pick it up on iTunes as well. It’s a pretty starkly-shot video that turns from black and white to color as it hits the chorus. There’s a bit of a narrative showing a boat making its way towards shore, then a voyage up a lighthouse. That’s then completely abandoned to become a performance video of a band playing in a room full of Marshall stacks. What’s it all mean? We’re not sure, but at least you’ve got some visual accompaniment to the song.






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