Human Abstract guitarist unveils new project, Nobel

Posted by on February 14, 2014


The Human Abstract’s guitarist, A.J. Minette, left the band after their album Nocturne, to go back to music school and learn classical guitar before rejoining the band for Digital Veil. His neo-classical fingerprints were all over that album, but the band’s been on hiatus since 2012. Now Minette is back with another project, Nobel. Earlier today, the project, which is a two-person band with Minette and a female vocalist, unveiled the first song from the band. It’s certainly more on the classical side than metal. In fact, it’s about as far away from anything heavy as you can get. Yet we still really like it. It’s orchestral folk-pop, or as Metal Sucks puts it, “like Inside Llewyn Davis 1960′s Greenwich Village honest to Ochs folks music. It’s like Ian & Sylvia, but more orchestral.”

Check out “Wild Dream (The River’s Rise),” but only if you’re in the mood for something that’s not metal. If you like what you hear, follow them on their Facebook page.

[via Heavy Blog is Heavy]

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