The big story at this past weekend’s Soundwave Festival turned out to be fellow Australians Thy Art is Murder’s rallying cry for their audience to join them onstage. And while it was enough for the festival’s booker to initially throw them off the festival and tour, after an apology, the band were allowed back on. Now, video has surfaced (that Thy Art is Murder shared with us via Twitter) that shows that while the bands’s vocalist CJ McMahon did incite the crowd to get onstage, the media may have sensationalized things a bit:

“There’s 5, 6, 7 security guards and like two and a half thousand of you. I reckon you guys can beat these guys, so let’s make these motherfuckers earn their money and get the fuck up on this stage.”

Inciting a riot? Perhaps, but it’s not the “we wanna see someone put in hospital” that the media said it was. In the wake of deaths at  Suicidal Tendencies and Lamb of God stagedivoing deaths, it might not be the most responsible thing to have said, but it was said in fun and not in hatred. It’s good that no one got that injured at the show, and hopefully a lesson was learned.