Helloween premiere “Pumpkins United” lyric video

Posted by on October 13, 2017

Helloween has recently extended their lineup, which now consists of seven members with the addition of former vocalist Michael Kiske and guitarist Kai Hansen. The group are on their way to tour across the globe to celebrate their reunion, playing classic Helloween hits. Their journey begins next Thursday (19) in Mexico and to get everyone pumped, the group unveiled a lyric video to the new song “Pumpkins United.”

The German power metal icons stated:

As we all know, HELLOWEEN is addictive – and so the boys can’t wait for the tour to start either and are releasing yet another sensational announcement while hunkering down in the rehearsal room: PUMPKINS UNITED are not only preparing to share the live stage but have also written and recorded an exclusive song together. This year, Christmas and New Year’s eve happen in October, because the aptly titled track “PUMPKINS UNITED” blends everything that has made this band world-famous and a true trailblazer of an own sub genre: power guitar riffs, three-part guitar solos, double bass thunderstorms, and melodic-anthemic choruses soaring above all else, performed by all three singers of the band’s history! So this track is all about maximum “UNITED feeling” and a dream hardly anyone thought would come true. And now for the cherry on top: As a thank you to all fans for a quarter of a century of HELLOWEEN mania and decades of loyalty, “PUMPKINS UNITED” 

Check out “Pumpkins United” below:


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