Helloween Give Update on Recording of Upcoming Album

Posted by on April 1, 2020

Source: https://www.helloween.org/

New music from Helloween keeps getting closer and closer. On Tuesday (March 31), the band released a video updating fans about the progress of their upcoming album.

The minute-and-a-half video shows the band in singer Andi Deris’s Tenerife, Spain Mi Sueño Studio putting the finishing touches on vocals for the release.

The new album features the “Pumpkins United” line-up of Helloween including Deris, Michael Weikath (guitars), Markus Grosskopf (bass), Sascha Gerstner (guitars), Daniel Löble (drums) and the return of Kai Hansen (guitar) and Michael Kiske (vocals). Before the 2017 one-off single and subsequent tour, Kiske had not played with the band since 1993. Hansen had performed with the band several times since his departure in 1988.

Said Deris in a December 2019 statement announcing the new album:

“The ‘Pumpkins United’ world tour 2017-2019 forged us into a real band. We are all very keen in recording a new studio album now. Artistically, it’s extremely thrilling.”

Helloween went “back to their roots” in the recording of the new album. Recording in full analog, the band took to H.O.M.E. Studios in Hamburg, Germany, the same place started their career back in 1984, to begin the process. The band was also using the same console on which they recorded their 1990s albums ‘Master Of The Rings,’ ‘Time Of The Oath’ and ‘Better Than Raw.’ What’s more, Löble is also using the same drum kit late drummer Ingo Schwichtenberg used on the ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys’ albums.

The as-yet-untitled album is being produced by Charlie Bauerfeind and Dennis Ward and is slated for release sometime in August or September. Their “United Alive World Tour Part II” is still scheduled to start in September.



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