Guy tries to steal band’s RV while they’re in it; it doesn’t turn out well

Posted by on January 30, 2018

This past Sunday (28th), a thief attempted to steal an RV, which belonged to the rock band Pröwess. The group were loading out their gear while on the road in Burgettstown, PA, and during that time, someone tried to steal the vehicle. The band noticed their RV started to pull away as the trailer door was left open, which led to their gear falling all over the highway.

The band shared the following information:

Well, last night was interesting! As we’re loading out someone decided the hop in our bus and steal it. Our bus was on and idling to warm it up and keep the battery from dying while the trailer lights were on during loadout. As we were carrying gear onto the ramp the bus started to pull away with the ramp still open! Our gear littered the highway. We were able to recover the vehicle quickly. This video details the event. The show itself was awesome, and the people of Burgettstown were very helpful and considerate. We will definitely be back. Although our gear is damaged, and spending the day providing statements to the state police, we are determined to continue on. Show tonight at Howlers in Pittsburgh. Train kept a-rollin. #prowessrocks



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