gone is goneHaving been premiered yesterday on Apple’s Beats 1, “Violescent,” the first single from Gone is Gone” now has a video for it. You can also pre-order the album and get the song instantly. Yesterday, Sanders and the band’s Mike Zarin did a Reddit AMA. And while they didn’t answer a ton of questions about the band, Sanders said that even though the band contains himself, At the Drive In’s Tony Hajjar and Troy van Leeuwen of Queens of the Stone Age, that they’re not particularly a supergroup:

it is annoying when you are labeled as something you feel you are not. We do not perch high above the masses on thrones made of golden marble, nor do we feel as if we’re better than you. Plus, our thrones are made of recycled newspaper and they are on the floor….. where our dogs pee.

Whatevs, Troy, we can still call you a supergroup if we want. The band will make their live debut next Wednesday (27) in Los Angeles.