Gojira release a new… teaser

Posted by on April 20, 2016

Earlier this week, Beyonce released a cryptic trailer for “Lemonade,” which is some sort of event happening at 9pm on Saturday on HBO. However, Gojira just released a trailer for “Stranded,” the first single from Magma, that’s way more anticipated by metalheads than whatever Queen Bey is going to do. The 25-second long trailer is disturbing, even more cryptic than Beyonce’s, and doesn’t give away any of the music. It does, however, come with a date, Friday, April 22nd. That means that in just two more days, we’ll have the first taste of new music from the and in almost four years.  This is the second trailer that the band’s released, following the one for the album that was released a week ago. Is it Friday yet?

Magma will be released on June 17th on Roadrunner Records.



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