Billboard is the music industry bible, which is kind of ironic given that Ghost just bought an ad in it to campaign for a Grammy. With an ominous picture of a hand over a woman’s mouth and the caption “don’t be silenced,” the ad asks Grammy voters to consider “Cirice” for the “Best Metal Performance” Grammy. Here’s what the text of the ad says:

Greetings faithful brothers and sisters. You’re reading this voting guide is proof of your commitment. If you are unsure, cast off your doubts now. There is but one choice. For the vote you are about to cast is but one small yet essential moment in your spritual revolution. Shh… Listen. Do you hear it? The terrible silence of the ignorant? The mistrust and anger of the masses? There is not much time, for the closing of this conclave is upon us. It is now for you to consider…. GHOST.

It’s accompanied with a url to the above video, a vague call to arms by the same woman that appeared in the TV ad. Is campaigning for a Grammy metal? Is Ghost metal? Who knows, but they could wind up with a Grammy, which is most certainly at least plated in a precious metal.