If you’re the drummer of one of the few breakout bands of the last five years, what do you do with your downtime? If you’re Five Finger Death Punch’s Jeremy Spencer, you hang out with your tech, Bobby “Rockshow” Watson, and make goofy videos with your famous friends in them. The duo already released this gem of a video of the two dancing to a song called “Scrotum Sack,” and now they’ve gone full-on with a 10 minute video called “Hedge Hoggin.” Directed by porn director turned video director Nathan Cox, Spencer and Watson are “Uncle Colt” and “Cletus,” two rednecks that are doing yardwork for Ron Jeremy and decide they want a beer. There’s also a hedgehog (get it?), Verne “Mini Me” Troyer, and a Bloodhound Gang-esque song called “Throb.”

FFDP fans might recognize the two from Spencer’s acceptance speech at the Revolver Golden Gods awards last year, where they made their first appearance. According to the duo’s website, Watson is a product of Chicago’s Second City. The site also suggests that they’re trying to capitalize on the “redneck renaissance.” Considering that many of Five Finger Death Punch’s fans probably self-identify as rednecks, it’s a little weird to see Spencer and Watson playing broad caricatures of the people that support FFDP. At the same time, seeing a member of a popular band shoot vanity side projects isn’t anything new. See Maynard James Keenan’s Puscifer.  In all, it’s moderately amusing, but considering the pair’s day job is going so well, they might not want to continue quitting it just yet. 

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