Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares discusses Burton C. Bell’s departure

Posted by on September 29, 2020

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For Fear Factory fans, 2016 was a great year. The group returned to the stage, bringing 1995’s Demanufacture back to life to hearing that the follow-up to 2015’s Genexus was rumored to arrive in 2017. Unfortunately, these moments came to an abrupt end when it turned out members of the group were part of a lengthy legal battle resulting in another rumor less than six months later, making many wonder if the band had broken up for good. Since these initial rumors, the clarity between what was really happening to the band remained an ongoing confusing roller coaster. And it continues in 2020. Yesterday (28th), just two weeks after 

Cazares launched a GoFundMe campaign for the group’s upcoming album, Burton C. Bell announced his official departure. Bell’s announcement took place just moments before guitarist Dino Cazares appeared on Machine Head’s Robb Flynn’s No Fucking Regrets With Robb Flynn podcast. 


Dino revealed he found out about Bell’s departure the same way everyone else did: 

“Our singer for the past 30 years decided to leave the band. He released a statement. [I] found out [about it] via social media.”


He added:

“I don’t really want to get into what it says, really, because a lot of it’s just a lot of nonsense. He doesn’t—what I noticed—is that he doesn’t take responsibility for all the legal actions went down. As you know, most people know that we were in a legal battle for the last three plus years trying to sort out this Fear Factory name situation. And him and I were sued separately in separate courts… Not jointly, separately. [They were filed by] the other two ex-members [Raymond Hererra & Christian Olde Wolbers], which led to me and Burton going bankrupt in separate counties, separate states. I live in California, he’s out there in Pennsylvania. And so… for anybody who decides to lie in the court of law when you’re under oath, not a good idea. That’s all I can say. I ended up… the name came available. Burton‘s trademark ownership became available so I ended up purchasing [it]. I don’t want to get into the gory details. I don’t want to have to throw anybody under the bus. But if anybody wants to see the truth, they can go and Google the paperwork, Google our names and you’ll find it. It’s all there, it’s all black & white and you can see what happened and how it all transpired.”


Cazares explained that the new album will include Bell’s vocals:

“Andy Sneap is mixing the record right now, as we speak, and Nuclear Blast wants this record to come out,” Dino said. “And that’s exactly what’s gonna happen. It’ll be out next year. As soon as I find out the date, I’m sure everybody will find out too. But we’re shooting for March next year. And we’ll see what happens after that. Hopefully this world will open up soon and we can all get back to work.”


The guitarist continued to explained his now estranged relationship with the former singer:

“We don’t have a perfect relationship, not a lot of bands do… Again, I want to put this record out, get back to work like everybody else. Get out there and tour, hopefully he’ll get past that, whatever he’s going through and we can do it. But if not, if not, and he still chooses to not be in the band, then I gotta earn a living, you know what I mean? You know it’s sad right now, maybe for some people. But I kinda saw this coming when he… during his whole court proceedings to the end, he kind of just went super private. [He] didn’t want to return anybody’s texts, emails, you know. So I kinda got the message that maybe he was going through some shit and that he needed some time. It’s not the first time he’s done that. He’s done it in the past as well. Way back in 2011 we were doing a record called “The Industrialist” and he kind of just disappeared and he was working on one of his other projects at the time. I’m into giving people their space. I get it. It’s been thirty years, we’re on the same bus together for 24 hours a day and some people when they get home, they just want to go… and do their own thing, they need to get away from you for a little while.”


In addition to the podcast, Dino has addressed the issue via Twitter:




Watch the podcast below:



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