Faith No More looking on the Sunny Side of their golden years

Posted by on October 20, 2015


It has been a while in between the period when Faith No More released Album of the Year and Sol Invictus. But if you watch the video for “Sunny Side Up,” their first video from the album, you’d think that it’s been a hell of a lot longer. In the video, a much older Faith No More are the entertainment at an old folks home during a bingo game. Shot in black and white until a nurse doses all the inhabitants, it then turns into a psychedelic free for all with the elderly patients dancing and making out. It’s not the first video where a band rocks a nursing home, or even the first video this year to feature an older version of a band playing, but it’s still a well-shot and directed video.

Let’s hope they’re not actually retiring, but the Joe Lynch-directed video might be the last thing we see from Faith No More for a while, as they have no more tour dates planned after this weekend’s Aftershock Festival.


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