Faith No More as you might have never heard them

Posted by on May 12, 2015


If you like Faith No More, like most people alive in the ’90s do, you’re very excited for the release of Sol Invictus next week. If you think that Mike Patton is overrated, the band’s sound hasn’t particularly aged well, and all your FNM-lovin’ friends have something wrong with them, then here’s a video made just for you. Noisey have unearthed an alleged new song from the band from when they played Amoeba Records on Record Store Day. It’s basically “Faith No More  shreds,” and if you just don’t get them, this is probably what all Faith No More sounds like to you. The Mike Patton impression is particularly spot on, but we’re much more inclined to laugh at the Santana and Jake E. Lee shreds videos, which are below.






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