Photo Credit: Paul Harries


Devin Townsend has shared a video for the song “Moonpeople.” The track is the first single taken from his upcoming album, Lightwork, out October 28th via InsideOutMusic. The clip was filmed by Townsend himself while he was out in Spain earlier this year, which ultimately is the first in a three-part series of clips. 


Townsend explains:

“Hey all 🙂 this is Devin. Welcome to my newest album ‘Lightwork.’ The last few years have been a lot, and this is the music that I wrote during that time. In essence, ‘Lightwork’ is a bit more of a ‘song’ oriented album. A bit more direct and simpler than a lot of what I’ve been doing lately. After ‘Empath’ and ‘The Puzzle’, things kind of swung back in the direction of more traditional arrangements for ‘Lightwork.’  Lyrically, It kind of hints at the struggles of the last few years but with an eye on putting the pieces back together again. We chose ‘Moonpeople’ as the first of three video releases from this project. The three videos share a theme, so I think that’ll work.  ‘Moonpeople’ is the first song on ‘Lightwork’ and acts as a sort of mission statement for the album. Post pandemic… kids are now teens… 50 years old, who am I now? Beyond any platitudes or delusions, who am I now that the smoke is clearing and what do I want to do, and who do I want to be, moving forward? The term ‘Moonpeople’ in my mind, refers to those in society that kind of ‘watch’ things rather than being directly involved in it. Maybe the Moonpeople are more introverted rather than extroverted? In any case, it functions as a song on the album that will set the stage for the dynamic nature of the material that follows it. So here you go. Song one.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Track List:

01) Moonepeople

02) Lightworker

03) Equinox

04) Call Of The Void

05) Heartbreaker

06) Dimensions

07) Celestial Signals

08) Heavy Burden

09) Vacation

10) Children Of God