Devin Townsend shares “Guitar Improvisation #2”

Posted by on June 16, 2020


Devin Townsend has posted a second “Guitar Improvisation” to provide everyone a chill moment. He explains that everyday life can be pretty hectic at times and finds guitar improv calming.

Heres another installment of this guitar improvisation series. I enjoy this process and I find it calming in the face of the relentless negativity and oddness of recent times. This stuff is meant to simply be background sounds while you do other things. This particular improv had the idea of the universe as its inspiration. I get so caught up in my own drama and the awareness of the constant bustle of humanity, that I find it calming to sort of remember and focus on how small we all are in the grand scheme of things. Although this one is more chaotic than Id typically go for, its in line with where my heads been over the past few weeks, so its honest at least.

Regardless, I hope this gives you a chill moment, and like always: I wish you strength to keep fighting through all this recent chaos. its easy to let the ugliness take over and then follow that down the rabbit hole, but taking a step back for some perspective on it all has been helpful. Lots of love – Dev.

Check out Devin’s “Guitar Improvisation #2” below!

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