photo credit: Andrea Falaschi


The new chapter of Delain will come in full force on February 10, 2023, with the release of their new album, Dark Waters, via Napalm Records. Recently returning with a new lineup, Delain has welcomed new members vocalist Diana Leah and bassist Ludovico Cioffi and seeing original members guitarist Ronald Landa and drummer Sander Zoer. However, all the while continuing to carry out the legacy and vision of keyboardist, founder, and main songwriter, Martijn Westerholt. To celebrate the album announcement and continue sharing the next phase of Delain, the group has shared a video for their new single “Beneath.”


Westerholt comments:

“’Beneath’ is a perfect ambassador of the album and DELAIN as a whole because it encapsulates almost all of the recognizable DELAIN elements you will find on the album. This album captures all elements DELAIN is known for – our distinctive heavy guitar riffs, massive orchestral parts, both heavy metal and pop vocals, rock opera vibes along with 80s synth sounds. In short, this is definitely a recognizable DELAIN album that contains classic ‘DELAIN elements’ while also moving forward with fresh influences.”


Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here:



Dark Waters Tracklist:

01) Hideaway Paradise

02) The Quest and the Curse

03) Beneath

04) Mirror of Night

05) Tainted Hearts

06) The Cold

07) Moth to a Flame

08) Queen of Shadow

09) Invictus

10) Underland