Finnish cinematic metallers Dark Sarah have released a video for “Golden Moth”, featured on their new album, The Golden Moth, out now via Inner Wound Recordings.

Dark Sarah’s concept tells the story of a girl named Sarah who fights against her evil persona named Dark Sarah and The Golden Moth represents the final piece of her story (The Chronicles) that began with their 2015 debut Behind The Black Veil. In the trilogy, Sarah’s journey takes place through three different worlds: The Middle World (Behind The Black Veil), The Underworld (The Puzzle) and The Upper World (The Golden Moth).

On The Golden Moth, Sarah must now face her final and greatest test to make her way to the gods of The Upper World. Unfortunately, Sarah is not alone as The Dragon (JP Leppäluoto (Charon) is also there and is demanding something from her. The showdown begins as the two come face to face in The Upper World’s wasteland.

Fans of the band Nightwish will be happy hear that Marco Hietala is cast in the role of the gods along with Zuberoa Aznarez from Diabulus In Musica.

Check out the clip below and if you haven’t yet, order the album here