Bruce Dickinson’s ‘Scream for me Sarajevo’ documentary and soundtrack to be released in June

Posted by on April 20, 2018

Scream for Me Sarajevo, the upcoming documentary about Bruce Dickinson and his band Skunkworks that traveled to a dangerous territory just to perform in the capital city back in 1994. While Blaze Bayley stood behind the mic for Iron Maiden, Dickinson focused on his own project as the film gives an in-depth look when the Skunkworks smuggled themselves into the conflicted city just to play a show for its citizens during a time of chaos and destruction.

The doc captures civilians who were part of an underground arts community, living their lives inside a warzone as they continued to make music despite their devastated surroundings. The concert itself had a huge impact on the people of Sarajevo, which was a time when they thought they were long-forgotten from the rest of the world.

The documentary arrives on June 29th via Eagle Vision and it will feature images from both the gig and war along with interviews of Dickinson and his bandmates. A soundtrack to the film will also be released via BMG.


  1. “Change of Heart”
  2. “Tears of the Dragon”
  3. “Gods of War”
  4. “Darkside of Aquarius”
  5. “Navigate the Seas of the Sun”
  6. “Road to Hell”
  7. “Arc of Space”
  8. “Omega”
  9. “River of No Return”
  10. “Power of the Sun”
  11. “Strange Death in Paradise”
  12. “Inertia (Live)”
  13. “Acoustic Song”
  14. “Eternal”

Watch the trailer below and preorder both the film and soundtrack here.


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