Body Count pay tribute to women who mosh on new album

Posted by on June 3, 2014


With the new Body Count album, Manslaughter, coming out next Tuesday (10), the band have released a song empowering female moshers everywhere. Much like Aaron Lewis this past weekend Ice-T and the rest of Body Count have come to the defense of women at metal shows. A lot has changed since 1992, when Body Count’s first album came out, and “Bitch in the Pit” seems to express bemusement at women in mosh pits at shows (saying it never ceases to amaze). In 2014, it’s really no big deal to see women at metal shows in pits, usually dancing harder than the men. In fact, it’s more alarming to hear a woman referred to as a “bitch” (even by Ice T) than it is to see one tearing it up at a metal show. Regardless, if you take the song at face value and don’t think too much into his casual use of the word, it’s a pretty funny song that seems to show more respect towards women as equals than it does to denigrate them. That might prove to be hard to do for a lot of women, however.

You can pre-order the album here.

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