Photo Credit: Edaliana Rennenkampf


Pagan metal giants Arkona have unveiled a video for their latest single, “Ugasaya,” which coincides with the release of their new album, Kob. The album takes a dark approach, narrating humanity’s gradual descent into the abyss and addressing various societal issues in the order of their occurrence. In the video, Akona finds themselves amidst a desolate natural landscape, symbolizing the shattered soul of Mother Earth and our dystopian reality. The doom metal-inspired song blends rhythmic synths and a grooving baseline, creating a turbulent atmosphere intensified by Masha’s powerful growls and haunting screams. 


The band comments:

“Ugasaya” is the third step out of 6, which humanity is consciously taking down the path into the abyss, thus dooming all human race to total annihilation. This song tells about an ecological catastrophe, the inevitable result of the insane deeds committed by human beings throughout their entire existence and worthless living at the expense of the endless suffering of Mother Earth. It’s about natural cataclysms and disasters, as consequences of human intervention in the desire to rise above the true divine essence of nature, resulting in all the elements rebel against the humans, and nature, initially being the only parent – Creator, killing its insensitive and selfish child.” 


Watch the clip below: