Ancient VVisdom really do “The Devil’s Work”

Posted by on November 6, 2014

From their latest Sacrificial album, the occult rockers of Ancient VVisdom have released a video for, “The Devil’s Work.” This dark and brooding video includes the lyrics, and the depiction of some sort of satanic ritual.

Said vocalist Nathan Opposition, on the new record:

“Where there is chaos you will find us. Where there is disorder, others find discomfort but I find salvation. Lead me not unto anything. I am my own.This album will enlighten the fools and give the enlightened something to listen to.”

Nathan is no stranger to darkness, as he recently sat down with a true expert on Satanism, Eric Freeman, for a video feature on Noisey. This new album is the band’s third full length.


Sacrificial track listing:

1. Rise of an Ancient Evil
2. Chaos Will Reign
3. Blood Offering
4. The Devil’s Work
5. Blind Leading the Blind
6. Worm Ridden Skull
7. Sacrifice
8. City of Stone
9. We are Damnation
10. Higher into the Black Flames

(via BraveWords)

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