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The Existential Gentlemen first caught our eye with their debut EP, Ethos, so much so that they made one of our Top 10 of 2014 lists. With their neo-Victorian hard rock sound, they can be likened to that of a mix between Marylyn Manson and Iced Earth playing a show at the 1893 World’s Fair, situated between the Pabst Blue Ribbon and Tesla exhibits. On that note, their song and music video for their track “Devil in the White City” is about H. H. Holmes, the famous serial killer who terrorized the fair that year with his infamous murder castle.

The ExGents hail from my home city of Pittsburgh, PA and recorded their debut EP in Dunwich Studios in Belle Vernon, PA, the same place that they will be recording their follow up EP, Pathos. They are currently in the writing process for Pathos, which is planned for release this spring. Since they are fully focuses on writing and recording, they only have one show planned, and that is their show with Green Jello this September 12, which is becoming a yearly tradition for the band.

You can check them out on Facebook, their website, and Bandcamp.

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