All Hail the Yeti release unsettling video for “Before the Flames”

Posted by on March 8, 2016

allhailtheyetiSince we weren’t raised Catholic, we’re always a little thrown off by nuns. Women of the cloth that teach the word of God that are also strict disciplinarians is a little unsettling. If you feel that way, then watching the video for All Hail the Yeti’s “Before the Flames” will definitely confirm that. Without really knowing what the hell’s going on in the video, there are satanic blood rituals, stern nuns mistreating children, some faux-lesbianism, and as fitting of the video’s title, flames, and lots of them. It’s actually kind of a prequel to the band’s alread-released video “After the Great Fire,” so if you watch the two videos, you’ll have completed “Flames parts 1 and 2.” Here’s what singer Connor Garritty says about it:

“This portion of the story is told from one child’s point of view – the little girl writing the letter to her parents begging them to come save her. The idea for the story was something I came up with and immediately wanted to convey visually in addition to musically.

The director Brian and I worked pretty closely together on the concept and treatment. From the initial idea I knew that I wanted it to be something that would make people feel uncomfortable but not be too gory. It’s more of a “suggested” horror, to think of what these nuns are doing to these little children.”

The band’s album, Screams From a Black Wilderness will be released on Minus Head on April 8th. It can be preordered here.



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