Immortal co-founding vocalist and guitarist Abbath (Olve Eikemo) recently announced the “resting” of the Immortal name, and carrying on under the name Abbath with a new line-up. It has now been announced that Season Of Mist has signed the newly formed Abbath, and the band members have been revealed.

Said Michael Berberian of Season Of Mist:

“I’m presenting this signing with a pure adrenaline high and childlike amazement. Abbath is one of a kind, a genuine character. I’ve known King for years… and Baard is a phenomenon. This lineup will surpass anything Abbath did in the past. The band has the chemistry, the ambition and the vision to excel.”

Bassist King ov Hell and drummer Baard Kolstad from God Seed round out the new Abbath line-up. Kolstad recently mentioned that he’s in the studio recording a new God Seed album, which is probably why a new Abbath record isn’t expected until early 2016.

(via Metal Hammer)