3TEETH get shutdown with latest video

Posted by on April 19, 2017


Industrial band 3TEETH find themselves in pretty good company on the road. The band toured with Tool last year, and will be playing at Danzig’s Blackest of the Black Festival and with Rammstein this Summer. You’d expect they would have some solid music to back it up, and today we found that they do. The band’s album, Shutdown.exe, will be coming out in May, and today, Metal Injection premiered what’s essentially the title track of the album. “Shutdown” has an early Nine Inch Nails vibe, and a great video to go with it. The band’s Alexis Mincolla sums up what the theme of the video is: 

“Sometimes I see these talking heads spewing their knee-jerk dogma all over the TV and all I can think is how fun it would be to just slip a hit of acid in their morning coffee.”

That’s excatly what happens in the video, as a newsman is fed not acid, but a drink spiked with three teeth, because that’s the band’s name. The black and white video gets even weirder from there, with the band commandeering the newsroom. Suffice it to say that if you’re actually on acid, you probably shouldn’t watch this video. Shutdown.exe. will be available on May 19th on OMF Records, and can be picked up here. Here’s where you’ll be able to catch the band this Summer: 

May 26 – Silverado, CA – Blackest of the Black Festival
May 27 – Kansas City, MO – Electro Fest
June 3 – Milwaukee, WI – Sanctuary Festival
June 25 – Wantagh, NY – Jones Beach Theater (w/Rammstein)
July 28 – Calgary, AB – Terminus Festival (Dickens)



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