Slash Tries To Downplay Corey Taylor/Velvet Revolver Rumors

Posted by on February 15, 2011


Corey Taylor and Duff McKagan have done a hell of a job arousing suspicion regarding the latest Velvet Revolver rumors. But now it’s Slash’s turn to downplay them. In a recent interview with Australia’s Courier Mail, Slash did his best to sneak around the question regarding whether Corey Taylor is indeed Scott Weiland’s replacement by saying “A couple of people have said one thing or another, but it’s been blown out of proportion. I’ve made no comment on that one.”

While he does a better job at saying “no comment” than Taylor or McKagan, he doesn’t necessarily say no either. This means that either VR is still in the “dating phase” with Taylor, or Slash is a better liar than his bandmate(s). So now we’ve heard from Matt Sorum, Slash, McKagan and Taylor about the new singer rumors, so unless guitarist Dave Kushner plans to chime in as well, the next time we report on Taylor and Velvet Revolver should be about him officially joining the group or not. Well, hopefully (not that we care if he joins or not, we just want to know already!).

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