Every time we hear another update from Romania about the Colectiv club fire in Bucharest that happened during Goodbye to Gravity’s record release show, there’s more bad news. Just yesterday, we reported that the bassist of the band had passed away, leaving the singer as the only surviving band member of the fire and bringing the death toll to 51. Even since then, three more have lost their lives, bringing the death toll to 54, which is double the amount initially reported in the immediate wake of the October 30th fire. While there really is no silver lining to this cloud, it appears that at least it will lead to stricter fire regulations and less corruption in the country’s nightclubs moving forward, and has resulted in the resignation of the country’s Prime Minister.

Universal Music Romania, Goodbye To Gravity’s label, has gotten involved in helping the victims. We got a press release from the head of digital at the label. He was present at Colectiv, and was fortunately able to get out safely. In addition to Goodbye to Gravity, another of the label’s bands, Up To Eleven, were at the show Of that band’s four members, one died and two are still in critical condition. All of the royalties from sales of Goodbye To Gravity and Up To Eleven’s albums will go towards relief for the victims. You can go here to purchase them. If you’re interested in doing more as far as donations are involved, you can go to this page.

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