goodbyeA few weeks ago, a fire consumed a nightclub in Bucharest, Romania during the record-release party of the metal band Goodbye to Gravity initially leaving a death toll of 29, including both guitarists of the band Vlad Telea and Mihai Alexandru. After the disaster and commotion it caused to the country, the death toll rose to 45 including the band’s drummer Bogdan Lavinius who died while being transferred to a hospital in Zurich.

Today, it’s been reported that bassist Alex Pascu died after he was transported to Paris, France by plane, increasing the death toll to 51 and leaving singer Andrei Galut as the only surviving member of the band. Galut is still hospitalized in a treatment center in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, with burns on 45% of his body (hands, face and shoulder) and internal injuries in his respiratory tract from the smoke.

It’s unknown what Galut’s current condition is at the moment but let’s hope he, and the rest of the victims of this tragedy, can make it and have a speedy recovery.