The New Meshuggah Album Might Take A Kolossally Long Time

Posted by on November 13, 2013

Well, by that we mean that the new Meshuggah album might not be out for another two years. In a recent interview Chile’s Radio Futuro, guitarist Mårten Hagström comment on the band’s future plans:

“So what’s gonna happen now is come December, we’re gonna look at writing a new album. We always do that — it’s, like, two more years of touring and then two years of writing the album. And then it takes a little while before the albums actually turn up. So we’re feeling pretty excited about that. ‘Cause it’s always, like, when you’ve been doing one thing for a long time, it’s always nice to switch it up — go from touring back into the studio, and then when you’re fed up with the studio, you switch back out to the touring. So that’s good.”

Despite this, it’s not anything new for Meshuggah to have three to four year gaps between albums. For example, the gap between 2008’s obZen and last year’s Koloss was four years, so if the new album does take until 2015 to come out it’ll be about an average pace for Meshuggah.

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