The Divine Heresy saga continues

Posted by on September 8, 2014

Tommy-Vext-and-Travis-NealRemember last week when we found out that Divine Heresy was reforming with original singer Tommy Vext and without founding guitarist Dino Cazares? Then later in the week when guitarist Dino Cazares said he was doing something with the band as well with Vext’s replacement Travis Neal? So there are going to be two versions of Divine Heresy, right? Maybe, but maybe not! While this isn’t a new exchange,  earlier today, Vext released an exchange on Facebook from March with Neal where his replacement complained that he hadn’t heard from Cazares in a year and a half. “I’m surprise [sp] I’ve stuck around this long,” he wrote. “Working with Shaun Glass and The Bloodline is so much nicer..”

It’s unknown if the five songs that Cazares said he recorded with Neal were recorded since March, or if they date back to the year and a half since the two last spoke. If Vext is just releasing this to stir up shit, it’s working. Regardless of whether Neal has mended fences with Cazares or not, it sounds like he has a basic communication problem, and like any relationship, communication is key. And Dino probably hadn’t seen this exchange between Divine Heresy’s two vocalists – until now. Either way, both Neal and Cazares probably have some explaining to do, and there’s still no word on how many versions of the band exist now and who’s playing in them, especially now that Vext is about to jump on the road with Snot.

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