Divine Heresies? Divine Heresi? Either way, it looks like there’s going to be more than one version of the Divine Heresy. While the band started as the brainchild of Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares, on Wednesday, original singer Tommy Vext and drummer Tim Yeung announced via Instagram that they’re back. No mention was made of Cazares, but considering that Vext was kicked out of the band after an altercation onstage, it seemed unlikely he would be involved. He quickly took to Twitter to deny that he was involved with the other project. Late last night, Cazares, who turned 48 earlier this week, took to Divine Heresy’s Facebook page to state that there are some songs in the works from the band with a different drummer and vocalist Travis Payne, who replaced Vext in the band:

Travis Neil and I have 5 songs complete and when we finish writing for the new cd we will announce who the drummer and a bassist will be . Unfortunately Due to personal reasons beyond his control Joe Payne cannot do it right now. We love him and wish him luck . 
The reason why it’s taking us so long is we want to write the best songs and sometimes that takes time plus we also have other personal projects occupying our time . Thank you for your patience and support.

Meanwhile, we reached out to Vext via Twitter, who replied “as soon as mixes are ready & I get the green light from management we will have an official statement.” So a band that many probably haven’t thought about in a few years is not only back, but there are going to potentially be competing versions of it. Well, I guess that’s one way to fill the Chimaira/Shadows Fall void.