Surprise (Not): Fans Who Paid To Work Out with Tim Lambesis Will Have To Wait

Posted by on February 12, 2014


Some bad but unsurprising news for fans who helped crowdfund Triple Brutal. Back when the crowdfunding campaign for Austrian Death Machine’s Triple Brutal started, there were a few perks fans could obtain depending on how much they paid. The PRP has listed the possible perks:

As part of the crowdfunding campaign, 99 people each donated $99 for personal workouts with Lambesis and a copy of the album. 3 others chipped in $500 a piece to have Lambesis be their personal trainer for the month (as well as a copy of the album, workout book and more.) Meanwhile, one lone fan paid $1500 to record vocals on a song.

In acknowledgement of what these fans are owed, the band (i.e. everyone except Tim Lambesis) posted the following on Facebook:

Thank you all for your patience and we apologize for the massive delays that we faced scheduling the release for the Triple Brutal. As many of you already know, the album is set for release on April 1st (not a joke). The stuff for anyone who contributed to the campaign ship March 28.

We have been putting forth our best effort to fulfill what we have promised. If there are any address changes, please email gymlambesis@gmail.com and we’ll make sure it’s noted before we start filling up packages next month. In addition to the CD, we are getting ready to manufacture all of the material for the perks. If we can’t fulfill the exact perk for whatever legal reason, we have ideas to provide cool alternatives. More info on that as it comes. Lastly, the in-person perks are on hold of course until we hear more in the next month about Tim’s availability. In the meantime, we plan to include extras along with the CD’s going out to those people.

Well, at the very least you can say that they want to give everyone their money’s worth somehow. However, someone should probably let them know that “workouts” and “personal training” are not synonymous with “steroids.” It should be noted for those of you that might have been napping in 2013 that Austrian Death Machine mastermind Tim Lambesis is awaiting trial on charges of hiring a hitman to kill his wife.

[via The PRP]

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