Slipknot might release ‘All Hope Is Gone’ b-sides

Posted by on August 21, 2019

Slipknot have released their highly anticipated album We Are Not Your Kind and have been murdering the charts. Now percussionist M. Shawn “Clown” Crahan adds to the hype by mentioning that previously unheard songs from All Hope Is Gone might be surfacing soon.

Last year, Clown mentioned that the band recorded 11 alternate songs that ended up not making the cut. Those tracks were written by Corey Taylor, Sid Wilson, Jim Root and Shawn himself. Now with Loudwire, Clown talks about now might be the best time to release them.

“We have a whole other album that four of us wrote when we did ‘All Hope Is Gone‘. We have 11 songs that we’re gonna release sometime in this album cycle. But it’s never been about just getting it out. It needs to be out when it’s right and by coming out during this album cycle people will even understand more what we’re doing on this album and what first led to it.”

The songs have been described as different and experimental and only one track from those sessions, “Til We Die“, has seen an official release.

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