Slipknot bassist’s identity most likely solved

Posted by on September 12, 2014

As soon as the admittedly pretty solid video for Slipknot’s “The Devil In I” was released, many started scrutinizing it to see if the new bassist and drummer were in it. They are indeed, and while there aren’t all that many shots of them in the video, which features the band’s new masks, there were enough for people to start guessing who the new rhythm section might be. An anonymous reader emailed Metal Sucks after getting a look at the bassist via a still shot, suggesting that it might be Alessandro Venturella, who played in the Sikth offshoot Krokodil in addition to serving as a guitar tech for Architects (UK).

Looking at the tattoos on his hands, it looks like it’s pretty obviously the same person, even though Slipknot isn’t talking yet. Neither are they talking about the drummer,  but we’re still doubling down on the fact that we think it’s Jay Weinberg. Nothing in the video suggests that it’s anyone other, but there aren’t any blatant signs, like hand tattoos, that make it obvious. We’ll find out soon, that’s for sure.

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