Sage Kotzenburg also likes Cradle of Filth

Posted by on February 14, 2014

kotzenburgOlympic gold medalist Sage Kotzenburg has been in the news for a few reasons. The U.S. snowboarder became the first athlete to take home a gold medal in the Sochi Winter Olympics, which is why the rest of the world took notice. But the metal community was pretty psyched because he mentioned he’d been listening to Slayer, Metallica and Judas Priest on the day he took the Gold. Now thanks to a tweet he sent earlier, we now know that he also listens to Cradle of Filth and Black Sabbath.

From what we can see of his Spotify playlist, he’s a new school Priest fan, listening to “Judas is Rising” off the band’s 2005 album Angel of Retribution. He also went back to 1990’s Painkiller for “Night Crawler,” so at least he’s a Rob Halford loyalist. He also listened to Cradle of Filth’s cover of Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed be the Name” and “The Death of Love” from Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder. And you can’t go wrong with a little Black Sabbath, which Kotzenburg sample via “Iron Man.” And just to break the flow, he also has a selection from Canadian female singer Grimes. And there you have it – you’re looking at the playlist of an elite athlete.

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