We’ve now written more about Rotting Out frontman Walter Delgado being in jail now than we ever have about the band, but we’ve got an update, so here we go again. Last year, the vocalist of the now-defunct hardcore band was caught in Ohio with some weed. And by “some,” we don’t just mean a joint and some nugs. More like 70 pounds, plus 1,000 hash oil jars. That had a street value of $350,000, not to mention $7,500 in cash that was taken from them.. Delgado, along with Anthony Jocum of the band Search Bloc, were sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Now it appears that Delgado at least won’t have to serve the whole 18 months of his sentence. Had he served the whole 18 months, he’d be getting out a year from now. However, according to an email that Lambgoat attained, not only will he be getting out in November, but he won’t face deportation, which was something that was on the table beforehand. It’s unclear whether him not facing deportation is something new, as ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)  have been cracking down on illegal immigrants that have committed crimes. It can be assumed that Delgado is a legal resident of the United States. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson.