Randy Blythe opens up about iPad project

Posted by on November 27, 2013

randyalexA few days ago, a photographer caught up with Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe on the band’s tour bus as his tourmate, Testament’s Alex Skolnick, laid down a solo via iPad. Knowing how prolific of an Instagram user Blythe is, it was only a matter of time before he put his own take on what he was doing, especially after Skolnick Tweeted about it. That’s finally happened, and he broke his silence yesterday via Instagram. Accompanied by the above photo of Skolnick, here are his musings:

I think I’m gonna make some really wacked out music on my iPad, since it’s super portable & I can record anywhere. I’m gonna record it in Cubasis, then mix it in Auria. I’m gonna use a Moog emulator & a bunch of other weird synths, like Thor from Reason. I’m gonna get a condenser mic that runs off a USB hub and record screwed up ambient sounds from a tour I’m on, then load them into the iPad as samples as well. I’m gonna make it as weird as I want it to be, because I don’t care if anyone likes it except me. Then I’m gonna try & find a world class jazz & metal guitarist & see if he wants to do weird tracks. Just for FUN. Then I’m gonna get all this stuff together with a few other people as guests, & I’m gonna make it sound MEGA-TITS. Then I may or may not release it, depending on how I feel. Or I may just rock it in my truck. Because I’m making it FOR FUN. Where can I find the guitarist I need? Oh wait- I know one. Skolnick killing it in the back lounge studio. Life is good & music & friends are beautiful.

Yup – after the year he’s had, life really is good for Blythe. We’re looking forward to hearing what “MEGA-TITS” sounds like. Hopefully not too much like the new Mega-deth. Just saying.


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