According to Czech news site, in a meeting yesterday in a closed session, the Prague Municipal Court dismissed a prosecutor’s complaint to deny Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe bail, which essentially rules that he can be released from custody. However, his bail amount has been doubled, from about $200,000 to about $400,000. So essentially, this is good news, but he’s not out of the woods yet.

In addition, the prosecutor still has the right to file a complaint against the current decision, which would postpone his release once again. If that happens, according to iDNES, that would result in the process being dragged out for another week. And now Blythe and his legal team have to come up with another $200,000, which is, according to earlier reports, a year’s salary for the singer. Looks like it might be time to dip into that defense fund. We’re no legal experts (far from it), but it seems like one of the motivating factors of the Czech legal system is money. As this is a breaking story, we’ll continue to bring you news as it happens.

[via Metal Sucks]