Ozzy Osbourne reveals Las Vegas Hell Gate plans

Posted by on January 13, 2015


Last week, Sharon Osbourne mentioned that she was working on a production in Las Vegas for her husband Ozzy. She didn’t say much more than that it would be called “Hell Gate” and was happening around Halloween. Yesterday on the “after-dark” edition of talk show “The Talk,” with Ozzy in tow, she revealed more about it.

“It’s something that’s gonna start Halloween. It was meant to start last year, but [we] couldn’t get it together in time. And Ozzy‘s gonna be in Vegas for the whole month. And what it is a Halloween experience. So it’s a very state-of-the-art, interactive show that Ozzy will put on, with everything that goes with Halloween.”

That’s only a little more information than what she gave before, but at least we know that it’s going to be happening. Will it be a full-on show, a Vegas spectacle, or something in betweeen? To paraphrase Ozzy himself, don’t look to us for answers. In fact, Ozzy doesn’t even seem to know fully what it going to consist of, but they’ve got nine months to figure it out.


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