Original AC/DC singer open to returning

Posted by on March 9, 2016

evansacdcBetween Beatles producer George Martin dying, Rush’s Alex Lifeson confirming that Neil Peart is pretty much done, and AC/DC’s Brian Johnson being told that if he tours any more he’ll become completely deaf, it’s been a hell of a last 36 hours for rock and roll. And while we’ve debated who might be the right person to fill Johnson’s shoes, there’s one person that’s already thrown his hat into the ring, and that’s the band’s first-ever singer, Dave Evans. Granted, he hasn’t been in the band since 1972, but according to the Sydney Morning Herald, he’s raring to go:

“When I perform around the world the fans love my music and my performances and I hear what they tell me,” the 62 year-old says. “They’re pretty appreciative of my vocals and performances.”

There’s not a ton of people that know that AC/DC had a singer before Bon Scott, but Dave Evans was in the band for 10 months before he was replaced. There are several different variations on why Evans’ tenure came to an end. He says there were too many personality clashes in the band, and also that they were too poor to even afford dinner. Another version says that he had too much of a “Gary Glitter image to last in the band. “Since being sacked, Evans has gone on to… well, not much. Heard of Rabbit? How about Dave Evans & Hot Cockerel? No? The King of Badasses? Hmm. He’s also been in AC/DC cover bands, which makes a degree of sense. He doesn’t really think he’ll wind up fronting the band, but admits it would be nice:

“It’ll never happen, he says, before quickly adding: “But it would be nice to do one guest performance. [Former members] were all part of the band no matters what era they were from.”

One of the key parts to being a good singer is breath control, so Evans shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for a call. The SMH has a poll for who should replace him, and 43% of the 10,000 votes state that no one should.


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