Of Mice & Men frontman recovering from hip surgery

Posted by on January 12, 2016

2015 wasn’t the easiest year for Of Mice & Men’s singer Austin Carlile, from cancelling shows due to his health problems caused by his heart disorder, Marfan syndrome, to getting electrocuted, landing him 24 hrs of hospitalization. This year, Carlile seems to have started the year in a hospital due to a major hip surgery he had to go through this past week.

He posted the following message on his Instagram account detailing the procedure:

A few days ago on January 5th I had major hip surgery up at Stanford University; (aka my favorite hospital with the best Marfan & cardiology teams in the country)… They had to shave down my actual hip socket (due to its massive over growth), remove my femur, remove three cysts from femur, shave & RE-SHAPE femur, and THEN sew me back up. I’ve been on total bed rest ever since and will be for another week or so. After that, comes 2 months of physical therapy to get my strength & mobility back. // Because of Marfan syndrome, my legs & hips are a constant issue for me (left foot/hip was repaired when I was young, now the right!) The surgery was one of the most painful I’ve had to date, but I’m so excited to recover and finally see some relief!! Living with Marfans is a constant war for me and my body, but we chalk this one up as a battle won, & on to the next! // The support from my family & friends has been so immense, I’m so grateful. Thought I’d also share on here before people start seeing me hobbling around on crutches asking me what happened. I WISH I could say it was some sky diving accident or something haha, but simply the reality of have a chronic pain & connective tissue disorder, a “MUTANT GENE” called “Marfans.” // It’s going to be a big year, this is just the first hurdle of many, but I’m ready! This gives me and @omandm the perfect opportunity to work on new music before we head into the studio to record a NEW album this year, which I couldn’t be more excited about! 2016 let’s go! 💯🎯🏥@themarfanfoundation#MarfanSyndrome#Surgery#IfICanDoItYouCanToo#YouAreNotAlone#Medical#Marfan#MutantGene#IMWithTheXMEN

The band hasn’t announced any major tour plans for 2016, aside from a handful of festivals in Europe but, hopefully, Carlile can get back on his feet and hits the road once the finish writing their new album.

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